Disability access


To find out about disability access at The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne.

  • Where are accessible toilets located at the hospital?
    Accessible toilets can be found on the ground level and levels 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 of The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne.

    Changing places bathroom logoThe ground level toilet is an accredited Changing Places toilet and is available for hospital visitors and the general public. It features a height-adjustable change table, tracking hoist system, circulation space, a shower and a centrally placed toilet with room at either end for carers.

  • Are there lifts in the hospital?
    Yes there are 3 lifts to all floors of the hospital.
  • Where are accessible parking spaces and wheelchair access?
    Disabled parking map
    Four disabled parking spaces and a wheelchair ramp are located on Lynch Street, a one way lane off Cardigan Street.
  • Please note: Gates that provide access to Lynch Street are open weekdays between 6:30am and 6:00pm, but are closed at all other times including weekends and public holidays. Alternative disabled parking bays are available on Cardigan Street and on the University of Melbourne side of Swanston Street, just north of Grattan Street.

    Two five-minute drop off spaces are also available on Swanston Street, near the entrance to the hospital.

  • The City of Melbourne offers drivers and passengers with disability daily permits which provide all-day parking at any meter for the cost of the initial parking meter fee. For more information about this, patients should go to the City of Melbourne website or phone (03) 9658 9658 for more information.
  • Where is an information counter that has an accessible writing desk?
    All patient reception counters on all levels are at seated (wheelchair) height.
  • Do you have information about your services in formats such as electronic, large print or Braille?
    If you would like service information provided in a preferred format, please request this from our Communications team by calling (03) 9341 1134.
  • Where can I call a taxi?
    There is a direct dial taxi phone (freecall) as well as a text telephone (TTY) on the ground floor of the Hospital.
  • What do I do in the event of an emergency?
    In the event of an emergency, please notify our staff that you need assistance. A staff member will ensure you are in a safe location and will stay with you throughout any evacuation. More information is available on our Building emergency procedures page or on the Emergency Evacuation posters around the hospital.