People without fluoride in their drinking water

No fluoride in your drinking water?
Here are some ways to keep your teeth healthy:

Tooth decay is a disease which affects both children and adults, and can cause considerable pain and suffering.Tooth decay occurs when bacteria in your mouth use sugars you eat and drink to make acid, which attacks the surface of your tooth.

Fluoride in toothpaste and drinking water, is like a constant ‘repair kit’ that helps protect teeth against tooth decay. If your drinking water doesn’t have fluoride in it, there are still ways you can protect your teeth against decay.

Some general information is given below. This should not replace the advice from your dentist.

Clean teeth and along the gum line at least twice a day

Help your child to brush their teeth until you are sure they can do it well by themselves. This is usually around 7 years of age.

Babies 0 to 18 months Woman at the dentist

Children 18 months to 6 years of age Woman at the dentist

Children 6 years and over, adults and older adults Woman at the dentist

Drink plenty of water every day Woman at the dentist

Woman at the dentist

Make infant formula using fluoridated or non-fluoridated water

Have regular dental check-ups Woman at the dentist

Find your nearest dental clinic

Avoid fluoride drops and tablets

These tips are based on theUse of fluorides in Australia: Guidelines,Key oral health messages for Australian public (2011)and theAustralian Dietary Guidelines (2013)

More information about water fluoridation can be found at:Department of Health - Water fluoridation

Last updated: 2018-03-16