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Suggested activities to run on World Oral Health Day


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Thursday 20 March 2014 is World Oral Health Day, which offers the perfect opportunity for services to promote oral health to children and families. 

World Oral Health Day 2014 focuses on the importance of healthy mouths and teeth in everyday life. This can be promoted in everyday learning experiences with children.  

Your service might like to share their World Oral Health Day events in our World Oral Health Day Calendar for others to see.

These are suggested activities only. When planning an activity, please consider how suitable it is for children in your service based on their age group and abilities.


Here are some activities which you might like to do to help celebrate World Oral Health Day:

1. Host a healthy food picnic


You might like to make:    

  • Fruity traffic lights – thread kiwi fruit, watermelon and pineapple pieces on sticks.  
  • Corn on the cob – steam corn on the cob for children to snack on.
  • Carrot muffins – find the recipe here
  • Fruit smoothies – combine frozen fruit, milk and yoghurt in a blender for children to enjoy a healthy and tooth friendly treat!


2.  Monster toothbrush buddies

Make glow-in-the-dark toothbrush stands for kids so they don’t lose their toothbrushes.  



3. Healthy mouth artwork

Make your own healthy mouth using a paper plate folded in half. Simply colour the mouth red, and then draw teeth in the middle of the mouth. Remember to send us pictures of your activity.


Source: Pinterest    


4.   Colouring-in competition

colouring competitionDental Health Services Victoria is conducting a World Oral Health Day colouring-in competition. Download colouring sheets and find out details about the competition.


5.   Ideas from other countries  

Break a record for the most number of people brushing their teeth or start a free oral health camp. Here are some ideas on how other countries around the world have celebrated World Oral Health Day.

6.   Tooth brushing demonstration

Invite dental staff from your local dental clinic to demonstrate to children and families how to brush their teeth.   

For more activities see these useful websites:


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