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Community Oral Health Champion of the Year nomination


Who we are looking for

The Community Oral Health Champion Award recognises individuals for their contribution to the Victorian public oral health sector, through a volunteer capacity or in partnership with DHSV staff.

About your nomination

Top Tip 1: Plan what you are going to write about the nominee before you start. Find three focus points and construct around a 75 word paragraph for each.

Top Tip 2: Include relevant information on the how the nominee has contributed to improving oral health outcomes in his or her community.

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Who can be nominated?

Any Victorian resident who has volunteered, interacted with, worked in or alongside, or been involved in the public dental sector in the last ten years.

Employees and former employees in the public dental sector are eligible but nominations must outline how employees or former employees have gone above and beyond paid duties to contribute significantly to improving the public oral health sector.

Previous winners are not eligible for re-nomination for five years. The $5,000 funding is not applicable to the Community Oral Health Champion of the Year Award.

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You can submit an award nomination for the Community Oral Health Champion of the Year by completing the form below

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Organisation (if applicable)

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Tell us about the person you are nominating

In 700 words or less*, outline how your nominee’s efforts have helped promote oral health or better public dental services in their community.

The judging panel will take into account the following considerations in reaching their decision:

  • How the nominee has shown excellence in oral health promotion in the community
  • How the nominee has encouraged and supported access to public dental services for eligible people in the community
  • How the nominees work to promote and support the public oral health sector goes above and beyond their usual duties or responsibilities

*Submissions exceeding the 700 word limit will be deemed ineligible.

Supporting documents

Click here for instructions

We encourage you to include supporting documentation with your nomination. Supporting documents can include references, biographies, newspaper articles etc.

By providing these documents the panel will have a better understanding of why you think your nominee should be selected. All documentation will be retained by DHSV.

If you're unable to upload your documents or files here, please post or email awards@dhsv.org.au.

You may upload up to five supporting files. Please do not upload material larger than 5 MB.

Only the following file formats will be accepted:

  • PDF
  • Images (JPG, PNG, GIF)

Supporting documents






Please provide a high quality image of the nominated individual. This image will be used in promotional material and at the DHSV AGM and awards presentation.