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Love your teeth day in China

20 September 2013

Love your teeth

September 20 is Love Your Teeth Day in China. This nationwide campaign encourages the Chinese people to take care of their teeth and gums,and promote oral health education. The theme for this year is ‘healthy mouth, healthy family’.

To celebrate Love Your Teeth Day, here are 10 fun facts about teeth.




1. The enamel on the top surface on your tooth is the hardest part of your entire body.



2. Odontophobia is the fear of seeking dental care.

A study by the University of Adelaide found 16.4 per cent of adults and 10.3 per cent of children suffered from dental fear, with females more likely to be scared of the dentist.

Read: Relax, the dentist isn't out to get you [Herald Sun, 7 September 2012]


3. Having the perfect smile is not all about having straight teeth.

The trend “yaeba” or double tooth is a popular trend in Japan and some women undergo dental procedures to achieve the look. Read more 


yaeba sanggletooth 

Source: Huffington Post UK 


4. The tooth fairy has been keeping up with the rate of inflation.

These days, kids are getting an average of $5 per tooth from the Tooth Fairy. Back in the 1970s, the average was around 20 cents. Read more



5. Even if your tooth has been knocked out, there is still a chance you can save it. Place it in milk or saliva and see a dentist immediately.

Read more




6. Sharks have an endless supply of teeth.

Below the teeth in their mouths, there are several rows of new teeth waiting to replace any old ones. A shark can go through about 30,000 to 50,000 teeth over the span of its life. The number of teeth a shark has depends on the species of shark. Read more


7. In ancient times, many people had all their teeth taken out (sometimes as a 21st birthday present or as a dowry) to save money on dentistry in the future.

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8. In medieval times, people cured toothaches by burning a candle close to the tooth. The heat from the flame would kill any worms that were gnawing at the tooth.

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9. Before modern toothpastes were invented people mixed mashed twigs and bones with water, salt, and flower petals to form a thick paste. When the paste was put on the teeth it proved to be a very effective treatment for gingivitis.

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10. It’s true. Scientists have successfully grown a tooth using human urine.

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