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Early childhood setting eatingTooth decay is largely preventable¹. However one in three children aged five and under who attended Victorian public dental clinics in 2010-2011 experienced tooth decay; 69 per cent of this was untreated³.

The deciduous (baby) teeth are important for young children. They help to develop appearance, eating ability, speech patterns and guide the eruption and position of the permanent (adult) teeth².

Early childhood education and care services such as kindergartens, playgroups and day care, play an important role in promoting young children's oral health.


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The Achievement Program

The Achievement Program is a Victorian Government initiative which aims to encourage healthier lifestyles and prevent disease linked to lifestyle.

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 Achievement program benchmarks

Healthy eating and oral health benchmarks

DHSV has supported the development of the healthy eating and oral health benchmarks for early childhood settings.

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DHSV and The Centre for Excellence in Innovation and Prevention Science (CEIPS) have been working in partnership to ensure that the Achievement Program, Smiles 4 Miles and Healthy Families, Healthy Smiles programs are aligned.

Each program supports services to adopt a whole of service approach to improving the health and wellbeing of staff, children and their families. 

Achievement Program buttonThe Achievement Program: Early childhood education and care services.

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Smiles 4 MilesSmiles 4 Miles and the Achievement Program

Smiles 4 Miles supports eligible services to promote oral health in line with the healthy eating and oral health benchmarks of the Achievement Program.
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Healthy Families, Healthy SmilesHealthy Families, Healthy Smiles and the Achievement Program

Through Healthy Families, Healthy Smiles (HFHS), DHSV is supporting early childhood professionals to promote oral health in their services, providing training and tools to help them to achieve the healthy eating and oral health benchmarks.
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Supporting resources

DHSV has a range of resources to help early childhood services learn more about oral health and assist them to meet the benchmarks.

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For more information, contact healthpromotion@dhsv.org.au




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