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Patient Services Centre
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Specialist dental care at The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne (RDHM) is often provided as part of a treatment plan in combination with other specialist departments and/or community dental clinics. This is within RDHM and in other hospitals or health clinics.

These specialist dental services are provided through referral only for eligible patients. This can be a referral from your oral health/health practitioner or by another specialist department in RDHM. The referral is for an initial assessment in the relevant specialist clinical department.

Completion of the requirements for most specialist clinics will present difficulties for non-dental personnel. It may be necessary to refer the patient to their local community dental agency first, where detailed dental information can be provided.

Specialist department criteria – for the referring health professional

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For more information on referring to RDHM clinics, please read the policy document below or contact the Admissions Office on (03) 9341 1000:

Referral of Patients to RDHM Policy

Referral of Patients to RDHM Procedure

Other referral forms

PDF document iconSpecial Needs Dentistry - application form for schools [PDF, 104KB]

Referring to the Teaching Clinic

RDHM supports the education of future dental professionals through its Dental Teaching Clinics, where students provide dental treatment to members of the community under the supervision of a range of registered oral health practitioners.

Dental health professionals are able to refer patients to the Dental Teaching clinic by completing the applicable RDHM Referral Teaching form. Patients suitable for teaching cases are listed in the criteria in the form. Patients referred to the Dental Teaching Clinics may be requested to attend a screening consultation to determine their suitability for treatment.  If the patient is unsuitable for treatment in the Dental Teaching Clinics, the patient and the referring clinic will receive a letter of explanation and the patient may be directed to return to the referring clinic.

Additionally, patients who meet the eligibility criteria may contact RDHM directly and refer themselves to the Dental Teaching Clinics.

All treatment provided in the Dental Teaching Clinics is free of charge and generally waiting times are significantly shorter. In cases where it is identified that the patient requires additional treatment in a specialist clinic, fees may apply.