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Research Approval Process


Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV) no longer has a Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). A new process has now been implemented to support the conduct of research at DHSV and the Royal Dental Hospital Melbourne.

Revised Research Approval Process at DHSV:

New research projects planned to be undertaken at either DHSV or the Royal Dental Hospital Melbourne (RDHM) will now go through a different process for approval. A summary document is provided for your reference.

  • The principal investigator will need to apply for ethics approval from a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)-approved HREC. This could be a HREC at the Department of Health, a university (e.g. University of Melbourne) or a health service.
  • The principal investigator will also need to apply to the newly established DHSV Research Review Group (RRG).
  • The RRG will then engage with the relevant DHSV/RDHM Manager to determine whether the project is feasible and the resource implications are acceptable. The RRG will also consider the implications for RDHM staff and patients to ensure that their welfare has been adequately considered. A manager approval form can be found here. However, the RRG will complete the form and send to the appropriate RDHM/DHSV Manager with the project proposal for review of feasibility and suitability. The RRG will contact the researcher with the outcome for the project.
  • The RRG can be contacted via email:

Figure 1: Overview of process for the approval of research projects to be undertaken at DHSV and RDHM

If you are conducting, or plan to conduct, a human research project, you still need to ensure the research is approved by a Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). This requirement is constituted in accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007) External website icon (Section 5.1.24).

Full ethical and scientific merit review is required for all research and you will need to complete and submit a full application to an National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)-approved HREC for review and approval. Approval can be granted for up to 5 years.

Note: If the research project utilises state-wide public dental data, the investigators must request this data from the Dental Health Program within the Department of Health and Human Services. This requirement is separate from that of HREC and RRG.

If you are seeking ethics approval from the University of Melbourne HESC, click here.

Figure 2: Overview of the DHSV Research Review Group operation and reporting

No research can commence until formal approval from both the HREC and RRG have been received, and this notification provided to the DHSV RRG.

A final report must provided to the Research Review Group. A final report forwarded to another HREC is acceptable, otherwise access the DHSV RRG final report form via the following link and attach any additional documents.

Forward the final report to

Research Review Group (RRG):

RRG Secretariat

Centre for Applied Oral Health Research
Dental Health Services Victoria
Level 1/720 Swanston Street
Carlton Vic 3053

Tel: (03) 9341 1785