Interpreter services

Many of the people we care for at The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne speak little or no English. Interpreters are an essential part of providing high quality oral healthcare to you.

Language interpreter services are available for patients who speak languages other than English. We use qualified professionals Interpreters, to help you communicate with our oral healthcare team. It's a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week service.

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How do I book an Interpreter?

Simply dial 03 9964 7468 and follow the prompts:

Enter dental health record number (if applicable) followed by hash (#)

Select your required language at the main menu:

1. Arabic

2. Chin Hakha

3. Farsi (Persian)

4. Greek

5. Italian

6. Mandarin

7. Somali

8. Turkish

9. Vietnamese

0. All other languages (transferred to a Connecting Now consultant for further assistance)

Once an available interpreter has been located, all parties will be connected in a conference call.

Please tell us when you make your appointment that you need an interpreter. Also tell us what your preferred language is. This will help staff to arrange for an interpreter to be present when you have your treatment.

If you visit the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne for emergency dental care, a telephone interpreter can be arranged.

What happens if an interpreter prematurely drops from the call?

You will be offered a menu with the following options:

1. Attempt to reconnect to the same interpreter

2. Find a new interpreter for the same language

3. Continue without an interpreter

How do I request a pre-booking?

For pre-booking requests, simply complete our online interpreter booking request form and a Connecting Now consultant will be in touch to confirm your booking.

Your client ID for pre-booking requests is: 13647

How do I contact Connecting Now for support?

For any queries or feedback in relation to our interpreters or services, simply:

Call 1800 965 101 (8am to 5:30pm AEDT Mon-Fri) or;

Send an email to

You can access oral health guides on the Health Translations website.

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