Dental services for people seeking asylum seekers

All refugee and asylum seekers have free access to public dental services. Refugees and asylum seekers can get treatment via:

What will dental treatment cost?

There is no cost for refugees or asylum seekers. You are fee exempt. This includes:

  • emergency dental care
  • general dental care
  • denture care
  • specialist care

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Will I be on a waiting list?

There are no waiting lists for refugee or asylum seekers. You will get the next available appointment.

Note: There is a high demand for specialist dental care you may have to wait some months for an appointment..

If you need a telephone interpreting services call TIS National Services by calling 131 450. Learn more about language Interpreter services

Who classifies as a refugee or asylum seeker?

A refugee is person who

  • is outside their country of origin
  • has left their country of origin because of fear of persecution, due to race, religion, nationality or membership of a particular social group or political opinion

An asylum seeker is a person

  • has applied to the Australian Government for recognition as a refugee; and
  • is waiting to have their claim assessed

How can I prove I am a refugee or asylum seeker?

When you have an appointment, you need to bring identification. Documents you could bring to show you are a refugee or asylum seeker are:

Information for professionals

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