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Your child’s baby teeth are important as they help them to eat, develop speech patterns and will guide the eruption and position of their permanent (adult) teeth.

There are many kindergartens and day care services across Victoria participating in the Smiles 4 Miles program. Smiles 4 Miles encourages learning about good oral health from an early age to prevent problems as an adult.

Staff will be promoting the following key messages:

Water boy says Drink Well Drink well
Blue dot Tap water is the preferred drink
Blue dot Limit sugary drinks (especially between meals)
Blue dot Choose plain milk over flavoured

Munch girl says eat well  Eat well
Green dot Enjoy a wide variety of nutritious foods every day from the five food groups
green dot Limit foods containing added sugars
Green dot Healthy meals and snacks are important for healthy teeth

Brushboy says clean well  Clean well
red dot Brush teeth and along the gum line twice a day
red dot Children should use a low-fluoride children's toothpaste from 18 months until they turn six
red dot Don't wait for a problem. A child should see a health professional (Maternal and Child Health Nurse, Dentist, Oral Health Therapist, Dental Therapist or General Practitioner) by the age of two for an oral health check
red dot An oral health professional will discuss a child's risk level and how frequently they need to visit for an oral health check

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If your child’s kindergarten or day care service is participating in Smiles 4 Miles, you will receive information and support throughout the year, as well as suggested activities for you to do at home with your child. Keep an eye out for updates in the newsletter and on noticeboards.

Children learn from watching and listening to adults around them, so healthy role modelling at home reinforces the key Smiles 4 Miles messages above and helps children develop lifelong healthy habits.

Thank you for your support in promoting better oral health among our children!

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