Online Midwifery Initiated Oral Health Education program

Free oral health training for eligible Victorian midwives

Are you a midwife who:

  • has a passion for comprehensive care for pregnant women?
  • is interested in reducing the impact of poor oral health in pregnant women, as well as children?
  • wants to develop their skills and confidence to provide oral health advice to pregnant women?
  • is looking for CPD opportunities?

DHSV sponsors eligible midwives to undertake the Midwifery Initiated Oral Health (MIOH) Education Program via the Australian College of Midwives (ACM) eLearning portal, free of charge.

The MIOH Education Program equips midwives with the skills and confidence to include oral health promotion in the first antenatal care booking visit.

This widely researched online education program was prepared by the Australian Centre for Integration of Oral Health, in collaboration with various partners including Western Sydney University, Sydney & South Western Sydney Local Health Districts, Sydney Dental Hospital, Dental Health Services Victoria, and the Australian College of Midwives. It was supported by funding from the NSW Centre for Oral Health Strategy, Western Sydney University and the Australian College of Midwives

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MIOH program overview

"The course was quick to learn, interesting and can easily be incorporated into our scope of pregnancy care."

Module 1: Understanding the state of oral care in Australia
Background information and research into the current state of oral health in pregnant women and children.

Module 2: Anatomy and physiology of common oral diseases in pregnancy
Basic anatomy and physiology of the oral cavity and highlights how pregnancy can change this environment. It includes an overview of common oral diseases in pregnancy.

Module 3: Oral health screening
An easy to implement two question oral health screening tool and guidelines for oral health assessment and referral.

How many CPD points are gained on completion?

On successful completion of two assessments you will receive 16 CPD points.

DHSV sponsorship eligibility criteria

To be eligible for DHSV sponsorship of the MIOH Education Program, you must be a Victorian-based midwife and meet at least one of the below criteria:

  • working in the antenatal clinic and doing the first booking visit under midwifery care, GP shared Care or the caseload model
  • a Women’s Health Unit Manager and/or Assistant Manager
  • a midwifery clinical educator in Victorian hospital settings
  • a Victorian University midwifery lecturer
  • working in the Koori Maternity Service
  • a childbirth and early parenting educator

Sponsorship requirements

As part of the sponsorship DHSV asks that you agree to:

  • Complete a pre training and post training evaluation questionnaire
  • Complete the course within 4 months or seek an extension from the contact person at Dental Health Services Victoria

If you are unable to fulfil these sponsorship requirements you will be asked to reimburse the scholarship course fee.

If you are eligible and would like to submit an Expression of Interest for a DHSV sponsorship, click the button below.

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