Dental Services

Emergency dental care is available at your local community dental clinic and at the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne. Emergencies can include pain, swelling or bleeding and accidents involving damage to your mouth, teeth or jaw.

Emergency dental care

Community dental clinics and the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne provide general care including routine check-ups, oral health advice, scale and cleaning, extractions, fillings, x-rays, fissure sealants and root canal treatments.

General dental care

Dental Health Services Victoria provides general, specialist and emergency dental care for children and young people. Child Dental Benefits Schedule covers part or the full cost of some dental services for people aged 2 to 18.

Dental care for children and young people

All refugee and asylum seekers have free access to our public dental services and can get treatment by visiting community dental clinics in community health services, the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne and rural hospitals.

Dental services for people seeking asylum seekers

Dental students provide treatment under the supervision of qualified dental practitioners. Treatment at Dental Teaching Clinics include general care, endodontics, paediatric dentistry, periodontics, prosthodontics and oral hygienic treatments.

Dental teaching clinics