Fact sheets and tip cards

Babies and young children (0-6 years)

Keeping Teeth Healthy 0-5 years

Caring for your baby's teeth and gums / How to brush your child's teeth

Suggested oral health story books

Tooth tips 0–12 months

Tooth tips 12–18 months

Tooth tips 18 months–6 years

Deadly Tooth Tips - Tip Sheet

Deadly Tooth Tips - series of 3 posters (A4)

Deadly Tooth Tips - social media toolkit

Oral health newsletter inserts for Early Childhood Services

Pregnancy and oral health

Pregnancy and oral health fact sheet

Caring for teeth while pregnant – for Aboriginal women

Protecting your mouth

Protecting your mouth: all you need to know about mouth and tongue piercing

Protecting your mouth: all you need to know about tobacco, alcohol, recreational drugs

How smoking affects your mouth

Tobacco, alcohol and recreational drugs: how do they affect oral health? Information for Youth Workers

Oral health tip cards for young adults

Brush twice a day 1 | 3 per A4 page

Brush twice a day 2 | 3 per A4 page

Dry mouth | 3 per A4 page

What is fluoride varnish? | 3 per A4 page

Good food = great teeth | 3 per A4 page

Knocked out teeth | 3 per A4 page

Smoking | 3 per A4 page

Tap is all that | 3 per A4 page

Easy Read oral health information

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How to keep your mouth healthy

What is the best way to clean your mouth?

What should you eat and drink to keep your mouth healthy?

When should you see your dentist?

How smoking affects your mouth


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Posters ­– Set of 4 key oral health messages
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