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Grinners are Winners

Grinners are Winners

Age range: 6-8 years
Children are taught to brush for 1 minute on the inside of their teeth and 1 minute on the outside.

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My Bright Smiles by Colgate

My Bright Smiles by Colgate

Age range: 5 years and under
An app to help children build good oral health habits for life.

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MacLeans Nurdle Time

MacLeans Nurdle Time

This app encourages children to brush along to a catchy brushing song for two minutes.

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Brush DJ App

Brush DJ

This app is designed to encourage youngsters to adopt and maintain an effective oral health care routine. It plays music (taken from a playlist or randomly from the user's own device or cloud) for two minutes – the optimum time for brushing teeth.

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That Sugar App

That Sugar App

This app allows you to scan foods to measure sugar intake. Find and add products by ‘Scanning’ the barcode or by looking up products and common café/takeaway menu items using the ‘Search’ function.

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Food Switch App


This app helps you get immediate, easy-to-understand information about packaged food products as well as a list of similar foods that are healthier choices, by scanning the barcode using your smartphone camera with the app, or typing the name of the product into the search tool on the website.

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Download the Quit buddy app

My Quit Buddy

My QuitBuddy is an app personalised to help you quit smoking. It allows you to set your own goals, the reasons you're quitting, include photos and recordings of loved ones. The community forum is one of the most popular features of the app, and allows quitters to share success stories, distraction tips and celebrate milestones.

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