This specialist department performs the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease or injury in the tooth roots and surrounding soft tissue below.

Clinical criteria:

  • Tooth pulp damaged due to decay, disease or trauma.


  • Specialist endodontic care will not be provided for second and third molars unless they are strategic teeth (bridge abutment, only remaining second molar in that quadrant)

Prerequisite for referral:

Care required prior to referral:

  • Before referral, the interim restoration of the tooth should be durable, overlaid and of a nature that precludes coronal leakage.
  • The tooth must be able to be isolated with a rubber dam
  • There should be an individual dentist who the Endodontist can speak to, who is responsible for the overall management of the patient, including placement of final restoration
  • Emergency care should be provided by the referring clinic if required whilst the patient is waiting for specialist care at RDHM