Board Subcommittees


Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee provides advice and leadership on strategies for effective community participation and ensures that consumers and community views are reflected in service delivery, planning and policy development. Find out more about the Community Advisory Committee.

Chair: David Stevenson


  • Nicole Bartholomeusz
  • Charles Power

Community Representative Members:

  • Sandra Anderson
  • Roxanne Maule
  • Virendra Khatana
  • Jacqueline Gibson
  • Andrea Cooper
  • Billy Park
  • Kevyn Morris
  • Heather Smith
  • Wolfi Sun
  • Rana Ebrahimi

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee advises the Board on matters relating to financial strategies and performance as well as capital management.

Chair: Sue Banks


  • Zoe Wainer
  • John Gavens
  • Andrew Saunders
  • Susan McKee

Safety and Quality Committee

The Safety and Quality Committee provides advice and direction to the Board of Directors of Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV) on the continuous quality improvement of services, provided and purchased by DHSV. The committee oversee the implementation and evaluation of safety, quality and clinical governance activities across services.

Chair: Antony Tobin


  • Sue Banks
  • Nicole Bartholomuesz
  • Charles Power
  • Andrew Saunders

External members:

  • Sandra Anderson Community Representative member
  • Vacancy
  • Community Representative member

Agency Representatives:

  • Keegan Crow
  • Nicolle Davies
  • Jonathan Teoh

Population Health Committee

The role of the Population Health Committee is to provide advice and recommendations to the Board on health issues affecting the population served by DHSV. It also serves as the Victorian Oral Health Promotion Advisory Group, overseeing the development of the new Victorian action plan to prevent oral disease 2019–2032.

Chair: Jane Gunn


  • Nicole Bartholomeusz
  • Antony Tobin
  • Anil Raichur Public sector oral health (DHHS)
  • Felicia Valianatos Public sector oral health
  • Gregory Morris Private sector dentist
  • Matthew Hopcraft Chief Executive Officer (ADAVB)
  • Claire Lewison Private sector oral health (ADOHTA Vic)
  • Ron Knevel Private sector oral health (DHAAVB)
  • Vacant (Vic Health)
  • Stephanie Thow-Tapp Aboriginal Health (VACCHO)
  • Lisa Gibbs Pop Hlth Epidemiology & Plann’g (UoM)
  • Julie Satur Oral Health Promotion Research (UoM)
  • Vacant Oral Health Promotion Research (La Trobe)
  • Jan Black Local Government (MAV)
  • Vacant Community Representative member

Audit & Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee assists the DHSV Board to fulfil its corporate governance and oversight responsibilities in relation to financial reporting, internal control systems, risk management systems and the internal and external audit functions.

Chair: Andrew Saunders


  • David Stevenson
  • John Gavens
  • Jane Gunn

External members:

  • Elizabeth Davenport (Independent member)

Executive Performance & Remuneration Committee

The Executive Performance & Remuneration Committee ensures the continuous and effective functioning of the DHSV by monitoring the performance, remuneration and professional development of the CEO, Executive and DHSV Board of Directors.

Chair: Zoe Wainer


  • John Gavens
  • David Stevenson
  • Andrew Saunders