Vision, mission and values

Our vision

Oral health for better health

Our mission

To lead improvement in oral health for all Victorians, particularly vulnerable groups and those most in need.

Our values

Dental Health Services Victoria values - respect


Act with respect towards every person or idea we encounter.

Dental Health Services Victoria values - accountable


Be accountable to the people we care for and those we work with.

Dental Health Services Victoria values - collaboration


Embrace collaboration with all partners that help us to achieve our goals.

Dental Health Services Victoria values - transform


Transform ourselves and our organisation to achieve better health outcomes.


  • Embed preventive models of care within a population health framework throughout the public dental sector.
  • Deliver high quality and high value care.
  • Reduce health inequities by extending our reach to more of the eligible population especially priority groups.
  • Partner with consumers to design an experience that delights.
  • Our patients’ health outcomes will come first.
  • Work in partnership to improve health outcomes.
  • Develop and implement key health outcome indicators and reporting frameworks.
  • Translate research and evaluation into practice within the models of care.
  • Create and support a public dental workforce to provide high value care that delights.
  • Transform the way we work, engaging and empowering our staff to make each day better than the day before.
  • Use our collaborative relationship model with dental agencies to allow us to deliver on the strategic plan.

To view our strategic plans, visit our reports and publications page.