Celebrate Teeth at Storytime

Healthy Little Smiles at Storytime

Storytime is a powerful way to support children’s learning and development, nurturing a love of reading, words, and language.

Through the wonderful world of books and stories, we can also help children learn about and develop healthy habits that keep their smiles strong and healthy.

Stories, songs, and puppets makes brushing teeth fun – giving children a healthy start and goes a long way to keeping them happy and healthy for life.

Download Healthy Little Smiles Storytime resources

Healthy Little Smiles at Storytime: Talk about toothbrushing (booklet) PDF
 Puppet play: Brush ‘Chompers’ teeth  - A4
 Talk about toothbrushing at Storytime -  A4 booklet

Let’s brush! – A4 poster

 It’s fun to brush – A4 toothbrushing chart
 My Brushing Chart – A4
 Keeping Teeth Healthy – A4 handout

How to brush your child’s teeth – A4 handout

Visit Health Translations for translated versions

Deadly Tooth Tips – A4 
 Let’s sing + brush – A4
 Picture of teeth - A4
 This is How I Get Ready for Bed – A4 bedtime routine chart
 This is How I Get Ready for Bed – pictures for chart
 Create-a-monster outline - A4
 Pick a monster mouth - A4